How to survive holiday sleep stress in 2020

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How to survive holiday sleep stress in 2020

How to survive holiday sleep stress in 2020

The typical conversation I have with clients during this time is how to manage sleep when they’ve been out later at parties. While those may not be happening, or not as much, I figured I’d still share recommendations, adjusted for this current weird time. So, here are three tips for how to survive the holidays with your sleep intact:

1. Even if you’re out or online late, maintain a prebedtime routine/wind-down time without screens for at least half an hour. You’re more likely to fall asleep more quickly if you give yourself space and decompression time than if you try to go straight to bed after finishing socializing. Just don’t fall asleep on the couch with your book like the lady in the picture.

2. Minimize alcohol. I know, that’s a tough one, especially in 2020, but it can disrupt your sleep later in the night as it works out of your system. The same goes for sugar.

3. Give yourself permission to say no and to not go all out with holiday decorating, cooking, etc. if you find it too overwhelming. The world is in a grieving state right now as we’ve lost so many, and even if you haven’t lost anyone, our sense of security and safety has been disrupted. Smaller can be better, and it’s okay. Conversely, if it helps you feel better, decorate and bake away, even if you’re not hosting this year. Do what you need for your mental health, and hey, if you end up with extra cookies, I have an idea for where you can send them. 

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a happy, fun, and safe holiday season!